Golf For Vietnam aims to grow golf for children who have less favorable conditions to learn this sport, help them to find their passion and inspire them with golf’s positive values to develop a strong golf community in Vietnam.

We aim for long lasting values by seeking and giving opportunities to talents and true golf lovers in the poorer parts of the country, starting from creating easier access to golf for the children and helping them to try out this special fun game with great humanity values.

NCI Golf hopes that organizations and individuals will join hands in contributing their ideas to develop our golf community bigger and stronger. In the near future, we will see new faces as Vietnam’s representative at any world golf events.

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In our next steps, under the support of the U.S. government and American charitable organizations, Golf4VN will give our best efforts to establish a connection between the golf industry of the U.S. and Vietnam, creating a closer relationship between the two countries through golf related products and services developing policies.


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